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Bass Lines by Jaime Vazquez: Pumpin’ Eights

Bass Lines by Jaime Vazquez: Pumpin’ Eights… Hello BMM & Community! This month we will rock the eight notes. How? Check this out! If you listen carefully to rock bass, you will notice the use of eight note grooves. The technique is known as pumpin’ eights.

Pumpin’ Eights – A rhythmic pattern, very often used by rock bass players. Is the use of ostinato in the tonic, a single line, in a rhythmic pattern of eight notes.

Ostinato – is a motif or phrase, which is persistently repeated in the same musical voice.

Motif – is a short musical idea.

Phrase – is a musical sentence or expression.

Simple? Yes it is! Also, you can experiment with more notes to add color to your basslines. But remember, less is more! Here I have a gift for you. A dozen of basslines examples applying the pumpin’ eights. Have fun and keep grooving!


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