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Hal Leonard Publishes The Worship Band Book

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Hal Leonard Publishes The Worship Band Book

Hal Leonard Publishes The Worship Band Book…  Hal Leonard Books, the musician’s best source of books on the music business, audio technology, instrument history, and more, has published Worship Musician! Presents The Worship Band Book ($16.99) by Tom Lane, a mini boot camp for bands, artists, worship teams, and worship ministries.

Whether you’re in a band yourself or part of a ministry involved with teams, this book can help you on your journey. For 30 years, musician, songwriter, and worshipper Tom Lane has worked in the Christian worship music industry and alongside churches, ministries, and movements around the world associated with worship.

In this collection of articles, Lane encourages honesty and clear communication from all sides while aiming for the right thing ˆ to be a band that worships, first and foremost. Spiritual, relational, professional, and practical issues relevant for individuals and groups in worship ministry of any kind are addressed head on.

Historically, bands have helped lead revolutions, crusades, campaigns, churches, rallies, and entire nations. The role bands play in worship, though important, is not the pinnacle of the calling or mandate according to Jesus. While it’s okay to have a good rock band and want to go places, many creatively gifted Christians miss the mark entirely and are derailed by their own quests for something other than God. Likewise, worship teams sometimes miss the mark by placing too much emphasis onperformance and not enough on relationships. This book will help lay the foundation for a healthier pursuit of creative dreams and a closer walk with God.

About the Author:
Tom Lane lives with his wife, Patty, working as a songwriter, artist, producer, touring and session guitar player and singer. He has recorded 17 solo/band projects, is featured on many recordings, and his songs are sung around the world. Lane has traveled to 35-plus countries, serving alongside more than 100 artists and worship leaders. Lane keeps busy as a member of the veteran Blues Council band, worship leader in his home church in Nashville, contributing columnist for Worship Musician! Magazine, clinician/teacher for event and conferences, and leader of the mission organization Bridge-A Joseph Co., which equips young leaders and artists to serve. Visit

Worship Musician! Presents The Worship Band Book
Hal Leonard Books – June 2012
126 pages, 8.5‰ x 11‰
$16.99 Paperback
ISBN 9781458418173

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