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RICO BELLED’s XR7 – Five of Eight Bass Transcription by Andreas Farmakalidis


RICO BELLED’s XR7 – Five of Eight Bass Transcription by Andreas Farmakalidis

RICO BELLED’s XR7 – Five of Eight Bass Transcription by Andreas Farmakalidis… Grammy nominated bass player for the contemporary jazz band ‘Rippingtons’. For the last 20 years he is based in Los Angeles CA and he has worked with artists in many genres, ranging from Lisa Minelli and Melissa Etheridge to Eric Marienthal and Steve Lukather. A talented and versatile multi instrumentalist, Rico Belled has just released his follow-up to “The pursuit of Comfort” called XR7, on the 9th of May 2012. The album features 10 remarkably prevailing compositions, which serve as a reverence to his much-loved 1973 Mercury Cougar XR7. The album features musical voyages in several different styles from Funk to electronic however; the characteristics, vocabulary and freedom of Jazz is the heart and soul of the album.

“I think it’s important to bring a little fun and playfulness back to the genre. Jazz is about experimentation and freedom and as people get spoon fed more and more perfect and overproduced music, I have a feeling they will get more interested in the unpredictability of jazz” – Rico Belled (all about jazz)

It is essential to mention that Rico enlisted a who’s who of Los Angeles session musicians, who masterfully blended real musicianship skills, time, improvisation and “feeling” with the most modern technology additions and computer programming, always under Rico’s production and guidance. The result is exceptional, inimitable and I personally believe it should be in the essential 2012 listening lists for every musician as well as every bass player.

The album is also really bass focused – ranging from Groovy slap bass (Hooka), to hip odd-time grooves such as five of eight, which is transcribed below.

Featured on the album are: Jeff Kashiwa, Eric MArienthal, Scheila Gonzalez (Zappa plays Zappa), Chris Coleman, Jonathan Dresel, Dave Karasony, Ronnie Gutierrez, Brad Rabuchin, Stan Sergeant , Randy Ladas, Andy Langham, Bill Heller, Rodney Lee, Kataisse Buckingham, Sean Erick.

I hope you enjoy the “Five of Eight” transcription. Have fun!

View Five Of Eight Bass Transcription
(For educational purposes only. Transcribed by Andreas Farmakalidis using Sibelius)

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