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On Location with Bass Musician Magazine

Editor's Notes

On Location with Bass Musician Magazine

The July sun and blue skies make it hard to sit here inside and write so I am going to keep this letter very brief!

First, we present you with another stellar interview from Rick Suchow; our cover interview is with the incomparable, two-time GRAMMY winner and highly prolific  Marcus Miller… I am thrilled that this interview is very timely as it precedes the release of Marcus’ latest CD “Renaissance.”

Next, we have a superb selection of excellent articles from our extraordinary staff writers. Make sure you check them all out as each one is unique and offers a different perspective. We are continuously working to cover all the possible aspects of Bass, and if you should have any suggestions, drop us a line and let us know.

July has got us out and about and we are working on some “on location” video pieces that I am sure you will enjoy (and we had fun making them as well)! Coming later this month, take a tour behind the scenes with BMM at Aguilar Amplification in New York City and discover all the amazing attention to detail that goes into their entire product line… and happy to report that ALL of their products are made here in the USA!

Next, come on down with us to the sunny island of Puerto Rico and meet staff writer and bassist Jaime David Vazquez! This video interview will be available in both English and Spanish. Each version is similar but if you speak both languages you will find some differences that make each worth watching.

Lastly, I want to encourage our readers to patronize our VIP members. These companies make it possible for us to continue to bring you Bass Musician Magazine free of charge month-after-month.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!



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