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Bass Transcription of Kai Eckhardt on Pasha’s Love from John McLaughlin Trio

Hello friends. I though I’d really give you bass players out there something you can test just how good you think you are with for this month’s transcription.  It’s a tour de force by the John McLaughlin Trio featuring bassist Kai Eckhardt who has one of THE meanest thumbs in all of bassdom. Never heard of him? Well I don’t think you’ll forget him anytime soon if you really attempt to learn this beast of a tune. 
The song is actually by the the great Indian percussionist in the band, Trilok Gurtu. Some of the song is in 9/8 some of it is in other time signatures.  If you think you have good thumb chops and you have your odd time signatures together, then you’ll have fun with this one.  It’s on a CD called “Live at Royal Festival Hall”.  One thing you should know is that Kai used a double necked bass. One was a fretless neck, the other fretted.  So if you hear him switching from a thundering slap sound to a Jaco-esque fretless tone, that’s how he did it.  Other than that, all I can say is HANG ON!  It’s a hell of a ride. If you can play along with the CD on this tune and you’re not famous yet, well maybe you will be soon. 🙂 Good luck.

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