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Get Your Groove On… Major Scales For Bass & Guitar Made Easy by Cary Potts

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Get Your Groove On… Major Scales For Bass & Guitar Made Easy by Cary Potts

“Get Your Groove On” is a book that introduces the beginner bassist to the names and notes of the twelve major scales, while illustrating several approaches to fingerings. This helps with building technique, and your knowledge of the fingerboard.

It’s layout is simple and concise. The book also features links to audio files to practice with, and includes several SURPRISE links. In cooking, if you don’t know how to read, you’re unable to follow the directions of a recipe. In music, if you don’t know your fundamentals, it limits both your ability to communicate, and your work opportunities. “Get Your Groove On” is a great tool for anyone pursuing music, whether professionally or just fun.

The Author:
Cary Potts, professional bassist/composer, studied music at Rutgers University, then transfered to Berklee College of Music. Over a span of 25 years he’s had the distinct pleasure of working with top artist from around the world, from pop to jazz, major concert halls and Broadway theaters. In 2008, he suffered a stroke resulting in paralysis of the left side. While limiting his bass playing, it has opened up new opportunities for musical expression.

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