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Jimmy Haslip: Modern Improvisation for Bass Method

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Jimmy Haslip: Modern Improvisation for Bass Method

Jimmy Haslip: Modern Improvisation for Bass Method…  Alfred Music Publishing, the world leader in educational print music publishing since 1922, releases Jimmy Haslip: Modern Improvisation for Bass, an instructional method book to expanding creative expression for jazz and fusion bassists, written by the Grammy®-Award winning bassist.

Jimmy Haslip: Modern Improvisation for Bass is designed to be a source of inspiration for bassists wanting to improve their playing skills and expand improvisation vocabulary. Using the Yellowjackets tune “Run for Your Life,” Jimmy walks through a study of rhythm changes and branches out into the types of alterations and possibilities that have kept his playing fresh for nearly 50 years. Seasoned jazz musicians to advancing bass players will be met with fresh ways of creating distinctive melodies, patterns, bass lines, and harmonies. The method helps foster the truest personal expression as bassists learn to speak through their instrument with ease.

Topics include: broadening music vocabulary with modes, altered harmony, and chord substitutions; how to create interesting walking bass lines; innovative uses of pedal tones and chordal arpeggios; how to expand soloing possibilities; and much more. As a bonus, free MP3 downloads of examples found in the book are available at practice and play-along.

Jimmy Haslip is an award-winning bassist and founding member of the Yellowjackets, actively writing, recording, and touring with the group since 1979. With an impressive list of successful solo projects, Haslip has also recorded and toured with a remarkable roster of artists, including Rod Stewart, Diana Ross, Robben Ford, Mick Fleetwood, Al Jarreau, and Chaka Khan. His clinics and masterclasses have inspired thousands of bass players throughout the world.

Jimmy Haslip: Modern Improvisation for Bass (00-33580) is available for $16.99 at music retail stores and at

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