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November 2012 Editors Letter

Editor's Notes

November 2012 Editors Letter

As I sit here writing this month’s letter, Hurricane/Tropical storm Sandy unleashes her fury over the east coast and many of our friends and readers have been effected in ways unimaginable. I have myself experienced the unforgettable power of a hurricane (Hugo in 1989 when it hit Ceiba, PR) and truly hope that all emerge safe and sound. My recollection is that the storm brought out the best in people and we worked together to get life back to “normal”. Hopefully by the time you read this you are in that recovery mode even though you may have a long road ahead. Our best wishes to all of you!

For our November issue we have an interview with Aerosmith’s own bassist Tom Hamilton; our editorial team excels at getting some great musicians to chat with BMM and Rick Suchow always provides an outstanding interview getting to the heart of the artist’s story. Also, I want to recognize the continuous hard work and efforts of our staff writers to reach into their vast wealth of knowledge and share it with us all… Thank you for ALL you do!

And speaking of knowledge, a quick heads up… we are working on a new project that may help share the collective experience and expertise of our bass population… This new feature is in it’s development stages but I think it will be a good resource for many. Keep your eyes peeled for more as it becomes a reality.

That is all for now…. keep it Low!

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