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Bass Lines with Jaime Vazquez – Grooving with Led Boots


Bass Lines with Jaime Vazquez – Grooving with Led Boots

Bass Lines with Jaime Vazquez – Grooving with Led Boots…

Hello BMM Readers! Thank YOU for a GREAT YEAR! We’re here for YOU! We’re close to XMAS, so, prepare your boots for grooving the upcoming 2013!

In 1976, Jeff Beck, an English rock guitarist, released the jazz fusion and instrumental rock album called Wired (Epic). The studio album was certified platinum. This month we’re going to study the tricky grooves of the first track called Led Boots.

Wilbur “Bad” Bascomb was the bassist for this recording. He is an American bassist who has played on numerous jazz and funk recordings. Wilbur was very well known for his performance on Jeff Beck’s Wired album. His playing was technically proficient and Led Boots was not the exception.

Jeff Beck – Led Boots (Live at Ronnie Scott’s):

Fig. 1 – The first groove is a challenging bass line to play with accuracy. There are tied notes, staccato playing, rests, etc. This groove is played in unison with the guitar.

Fig. 2 – The perfect example of a funky odd meter groove. I love 7/8 grooves! Check out the challenging sixteenth note playing. Have fun with the octaves, the staccato and the tied note at the end of every bar.

Remember! Perfect practice, makes perfect! MERRY XMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂

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