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The Best Jobs In The Music Industry

The Best Jobs In The Music IndustryThe Best Jobs In The Music Industry… The Best Jobs in the Music Industry is an essential career guide for those who love music and are exploring different areas of the music industry beyond the obvious performer route. Michael Redman boils down the job requirements, skill sets, potential revenue, longevity, benefits, and challenges of a variety of music careers both direct and indirect, spanning from performer to label executive to recording engineer and music producer.

Each description of a job starts with a short summary designed to help you decide right off the bat whether this might be something you want to explore further, followed by the real stories, paths to success, and challenges you may confront ˆ all in the words of real pros. Read and learn from people who have lived the music industry, navigated it well, and been successful.

“My goal is to help the next generation of young artists and other music lovers discover jobs in the music industry that will allow them to make a great living and stay close to the music they love,” says Redman, “This book will hopefully open your eyes to an expansive music industry of which you can be part. Fulfilling lucrative jobs and careers are available beyond playing in your bandor performing in an orchestra. You just don’t know what they are.”

Redman interviewed over sixty professionals in the business, including Lee Sklar (session and touring musician), Damon Tedesco (scoring mixer), Brian Felsen (CEO of CD Baby), Mike Boris (worldwide director of music for McCann Advertising), Louis Clark (MTV/VH1 Music Supervisor), David Newman (composer), Michael Semanick (re-recording mixer), Conrad Pope (orchestrator), Todd Rundgren (musician), Gary Calamar (music supervisor), Mark Bright (producer), and Scott Matthews (producer).

About the author
Michael Redman is a musician, composer, and serial entrepreneur who has started over ten companies, including the Hard Rock Academy, RedHouse, AdJacket, MyMusicScore, Powerhouse Music, and Reeltracs. His passion is and has always been music and technology. He is currently an author and technology consultant: he runs a music company with a primary focus on music content and licensing, and still finds a little time to write and record the music he loves. Redman has held many of the jobs listed in this book, including recording engineer, producer, live sound mixer, session musician, and studio owner. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Cleveland, Ohio.

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