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Walking Bass Lines by Joe Hubbard

Andrea-Fascetti-article-pictireWalking Bass Lines by Joe Hubbard… Hi my bass friends!  In this issue, I want to talk about something different, a great book about walking bass lines written by bass master Joe Hubbard ( Walking Bass Lines by Joe HubbardI discovered him some years ago in a bass magazine interview, and he proposes a fantastic exercise, called the “note finder”, which I still use for my students today!

Joe is a Berklee graduated and studied (like me) with the best teacher you could have in the world, Charlie Banacos.

I really love “Walking Bass Lines” and I think that it is very useful for the serious bass player who wants to learn to play great walking bass lines. I completely agree with Joe about the concepts used in this book, especially when he claims that  “chord tones are the cornerstone to understanding how to create interesting bass lines. Chord tones allow the bassist to clearly outline any harmonic progression”. I think this is perfect!

The book is very clear, well organized and well written.

These are the chapters of the book:

1. Anatomy of a walking bass line

2. Breaking down the components

3. Ten fundamental bass lines

4. Harmonic rhythm adaptation principle

5. Application to the ‘jazz blues’ progression

6. Chord voicings for jazz blues progression

7. The r-2-3-5 pattern

8. The descending scale pattern

9. The r-5-double chromatic below pattern

10. The r-3-double chromatic above pattern

11. The triad-chromatic below pattern

12. The triad-chromatic above pattern

13. The r-chromatic below-r-chromatic above pattern

14. The r-chromatic below-r-chromatic below pattern

15. The r-chromatic above-7-r pattern

16. The r-double chromatic below-r pattern

17. The walking bass line matrix

18. Mixed bag blues- 9-choruses of walking bass lines

In the book Joe identifies ten fundamental bass lines that he developed using different progressions. By the end of the book I’m sure that everyone will be able to create countless interesting walking bass lines.

Walking Bass Lines is available at

Great book… thank you Joe!





  1. wally

    January 4, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    Public info : Misleading graphics for a 26 page ebook ! Not mentioned in his advertising or above ” review ” . When I posted this observation on Mr Hubbard’s Facebook page , the post seems to have disappeared . Will see if second post follows similar fate .
    I have nothing personal against Mr Hubbard , and may find the book useful , but thought the graphics are misleading for 26 pages and thought I had the right to share that comment .
    Lets see if it remains on his Facebook page , and here in ” speak your mind section ” .

  2. Andrea Fascetti

    andrea fascetti

    January 6, 2013 at 1:06 am

    Hi Wally!

    Thank you very much for comment.This review it’s my personal tribute to a a great bass player and i think that this is a great book if someone is interested in walking bass lines.This is a my idea and Joe didn’t even know that i had done the review.This was a surprise for him.Honestly i never thought about how many pages are in the book.I ‘m focused on content of the book.Sorry if this has created a misunderstanding about the book.
    Ciao Andrea

  3. Pavol

    July 11, 2016 at 12:57 am

    Let me put in my 5 cents: I’ve read the review (or advertising or whatever the heck, who cares) and comments, went out and bought the 26 pager. You know the good old “it’s not about the quantity it’s about the quality”? It’s all hidden in the basic concepts, which are very clearly explained. I personally do not need each of those to be written down in all 12 keys. The instrument is a linear one and I can do the exercise myself easily. The fact that there is only one tune doesn’t bother me that much either. On contrary, it reveals which concept works better with which approach, making it really fun to learn – you can simply cherry pick the one that works musically or pleases your ears.
    PS: It’s all in there, just take your time, digest and have fun. “Great book… thank you Joe!” Thumbs up on the 7th bar idea – icing on the cake!

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