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Art Vista Back Beat Bass


Art Vista Back Beat Bass

backbeatposter157px251pxArt Vista Back Beat Bass… Art Vista Productions today announced release of Art Vista Back Beat Bass, an upright bass sampled instrument for acoustic and semi-acoustic genres from jazz to rockabilly. This new virtual instrument includes both plucked and arco playing styles on steel and gut strings. The instrument includes intuitive “intelligent” playback features that are designed to automatically emulate the playback of a real bass player when played from a midi keyboard. Neck position is automatically chosen depending on the user’s playing style. Bow legato and bow changes are automatic. Up and down slides are chosen depending on melody direction, and there is an automatic rockabilly/jazz slap function. Art Vista Back Beat Bass can be switched from fully automatic intelligent playback to complete, or, partial key-switch control.

The instrument comes in Kontakt 5 Player format, which supports all major plug-in formats and also allows use as a stand-alone application.

Art Vista Back Beat Bass is available for download at and has an MSRP of US$99.00.

Art Vista Productions is known for the Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano 2, which emulates the sounds of famous piano recordings of all genres from the 1950’s up until today, and Malmsjö Acoustic Grand, heard on film scores throughout the world. Art Vista also produces Cool Vibes, the only sampled instrument to truthfully capture a vibraphone with the motor engaged.

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