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Jiro Okada Time Warp Transcription


Jiro Okada Time Warp Transcription

Jiro Okada, Japan’s Melodic Superstar
by Andreas Farmakalidis
Bass Musician Magazine April 2013

Jiro Okada


Jiro Okada Time Warp Transcription… Prism was formed in 1975 by Akira Wada, Ken Watanabe, Katsutoshi Morizono, Koki Ito and Toru Suzuki. Most of the musicians had little professional experience, aside from Morizono, who founded the progressive rock/fusion band Yonin Bayashi. In 1976, the group was signed to Polydor Records performed as an opening act for Eric Clapton and toured nationwide. Prism released their debut album in 1977, Prism, which ran out of stock after its release. (

As of July 2007, Prism is composed of Jiro Okada – bass, Mansaku Kimura – Drums and Akira Wada – electric guitar.  Kenichiro Shinzawa keyboard joins the band as “support” in their performances.

The featured transcription is a very challenging bass-focused composition named “Time warp” by Prism and it’s composed by Jiro Okada.  I hope you have fun learning it. It’s a great track. Transcribed is the melody part only.

Jiro Okada Time Warp Transcription

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