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Bass Lines by Jaime Vazquez – Adventurous Bass Playing Part IV

Jaime D. Vazquez - Lathon Bass Wear Exclusive ArtistHello Adventurous Bass Players!  Last month we studied and played the bass like a guitar. Now we’re going to play the bass like a piano.  It is very interesting, because you have to tap with both hands at the same time.  If you are a big fan of the tapping technique, you will love this lesson.  I did an arrangement from the piano version of Don’t Stop Believin’, one of the most popular hits by Journey.

Performance Tips
The bass is in Drop D tuning.  So, be aware of your left hand fingering.  Let ring the notes.  Tapped the bass line with your left hand and the voicings with your right hand.  Take care with the tied notes too.  If you like bass effects, try out a chorus pedal and you will have a huge sound.
Next month we will be discussing more about playing the bass like a piano.  Feel free to comment!  Keep GROOVING!
Don't Stop Believin-For Bass

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