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Creative Process

raul amadorIn music, as in all the art forms, there is a specific, personal creative process that is as unique to each individual as their fingerprints. We are moved to produce our art by our circumstances, our surroundings, the people that influence us and support our efforts and numerous other factors. When it is all said and done, the resulting piece of work must meet our own personal standards for it to be satisfying and rewarding on a creative level. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always lead to commercial success or economic return and we are in a constant search to find the key to a triumphant outcome. Financial rewards are nice but the purest compelling motivation returns to art for art’s sake.

If you are wondering why I am engaging in this topic, let me pinpoint some details about how we here at Bass Musician Magazine fit into the creative scheme of things.

Reviews… I know I have said it before, but we are fortunate to receive so many CD’s, DVD’s, books and gear for potential review, that it is impossible to write about them all. What is more, you might notice that I have the prerogative of only writing reviews about things that really speak to me. This is why you might notice that I mostly point out the highlights of what I have in front of me and I simply don’t write negative reviews. If you submit something to us, and you don’t ever see it reviewed, it just wasn’t right for us. We are grateful for your efforts but it might have not been our cup of tea.

Self-improvement… We will continue to bring you the latest information to help you find the tools that might help you succeed musically. We are happy to spread the word about bass clinics, educational opportunities, and many self-help options. If you are involved in something of this nature and you want it to be promoted, don’t be shy and contact us vial the connect section of the menu above.

Content… Our magazine is all about the musician. The many hours our amazing staff has dedicated to their articles comes from love of the instrument and their commitment to music. They have exercised their creative muscles to put their thoughts on paper (so to speak) and share them with our readers. Please take a moment when something they write is relevant to you personally and leave a comment at the bottom of the article; let your favorite writers know that you enjoy their work!  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Be an agent of change… If you have a chance, reach out and help somebody with their musical efforts. With a notable decrease of funding for music and art programs, it is up to all of us to promote the arts and pitch in where we can.

Well, my brothers and sisters in bass, we are the fortunate few individuals that have the opportunity to create music. I encourage you to make the most of your gifts and keep on doing what you do… and as a result everybody benefits. Music makes the world a better place!

Keep it low!

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