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Letting the Innate Showmanship Emerge


Letting the Innate Showmanship Emerge

Letting the Innate Showmanship EmergeLetting the Innate Showmanship Emerge…

With the continuous emergence of new bands, people have now gained knowledge that groups are always comprised of these members: the most-loved lead singer, the axe-wielding lead guitarist, the reliable rhythm guitarist, the energetic drummer, the occasional keyboardist, and the least recognized of all, the quiet bassist. But things have now changed as the once-underrated 4-stringed player image of just staying on the side wings has been debunked. Respected bass-wielding musicians such as: wunderkind John Myung of Dream Theater, groovy Jermaine Jackson of the Jackson 5, KISS glam rocker Gene Simmons and the most beloved Beatle Sir Paul McCartney among others replaced such myths by exuding an unforgettable presence during performances. Shuffling to the beat, donning outrageous costumes, jumping 10 feet in the air, and taking the lead vocals are some of the flamboyant additives these icons give.

The global phenomenon of show-stopping bassists also raged other continents, one of which is Japan. With the country helmed as Asia’s Technological Wonderland, Japanese musicians took much advantage of the advancement in terms of musical equipment. One such JRock or Japanese Rock bassist would be Tetsuya Ogawa or more popularly known as Tetsu. Founding member of L’Arc~en~Ciel, which literally translates to rainbow in English. Currently joined by members: Hyde, Ken, and Yukihiro, the quartet made waves in the local industry in 1991. With the British Gothic Rock genre as their major influence, Laruku has been able to produce 25 full-length albums and countless chart-topping singles in their 22 years in the music business. The band has been known to don excessive leather, eclectic hairstyles, and brightly-colored wardrobe. Adding to the flamboyancy of the group is their tendency to turn each of their gigs into an audio-visual carnival.

As a bassist, Tetsu himself gave audiences an electric performance to no fail. Thundering tempos, wicked slapping, and rapid dexterity are omnipresent in all of his presentations. He has this amazing ability to beguile Western bass players through the bass line inputs he marks in each song. Letting the sound of the bass speak for itself, the deep tones coming from the constant flick of each metal string resonates evenly. Regarded as a technical and anal bass player, Tetsu prides himself the fact that his skill is the result of years of practice and of being a natural perfectionist.

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While L’Arc~en~Ciel was able to reach international acclaim even in Western shores, Tetsu still upholds one thing whenever he performs: that a bassist should let his skills emerge through his innate showmanship.

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