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New CD-EP from Markus Setzer _shades

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New CD-EP from Markus Setzer _shades

New CD-EP from Markus Setzer _shadesNew CD-EP from Markus Setzer _shades… Markus Setzer is one of the most well-known bass player in Germany and now he presents his first solo recording ‘_shades’.

Absolutely uncommon for the instrument bass, Setzer takes the term solo literally. Together but alone with the bass an intimate vicinity is created. With his ears directly in the sound-sculpting process the auditor can hear numberless sounds created by fingers on strings.

Six baladesque compositions touch with openness and depth. An artist who opened his heart and soul. In contradiction to the faster, higher, further paradigm of the nowadays society the auditor will be decelerated by Markus Setzer.

The electrifying dynamics will shake every woofer. A real archaic experience of sound! Even HiFi nerds will encounter an audible highlight.

Setzer: “Most of the music listener normally hear the instrument more or less as a underlying, accompanying sound in the backgound. I see my bass instead as a full-valued instrument like any other. Please be invited to hear my music and be bewitched by the melodies.”

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