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Bass Lines by Jaime Vazquez – Adventurous Bass Playing Part V

Jaime D. Vazquez - Lathon Bass Wear Exclusive ArtistHello Bass Brothers!  Last month, we studied how to play the bass like a piano.  We worked with the interesting piano part of the song Don’t Stop Believin’.   Now let’s deepen into this way of playing the bass.    For that, we need to understand that we have to coordinate the right hand and the left hand exactly the same way as if we were playing the piano.  To implement this technique we are forced to use the tapping technique on both hands simultaneously.

The concept is very simple:
– Tap with your right hand what you would play on the piano with the right hand.
– Tap with your left hand what you would play on the piano with the left hand.
Let’s do it!
Fig. 1 – Is the piano part of Dave Brubeck’s Take Five.  Notice that I’m playing the groove, like if we’re playing it on the piano.
Adventurous Bass Playing Part V-1
Fig. 2 – Is a very interesting odd meter pattern.  It is arpeggiated with the tapping technique on both hands at the same time.
Adventurous Bass Playing Part V-2
Fig. 3 – A good example of how we can imitate the comping technique on bass, while we’re tapping. Take care with the staccato and the rests.
Adventurous Bass Playing Part V-3

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