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Gina Schwarz – Jazzista

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Gina Schwarz – Jazzista

Gina Schwarz - JazzistaGina Schwarz is a marvelous bassist, a composer extraordinaire, and, of course, a jazzista who lives in Vienna, Austria. Gina Schwarz – Jazzista features her working band comprised of Vienna-based musicians, whose grasp of her music and ability to translate and transform it is little short of breath taking.

Gina composed and arranged all the music, a veritable tour de force that musically explains and demonstrates why she is emerging as one of the bright new stars in the Austrian jazz community. One hears humor, pathos, and bold unconventionality in Jazzista – this is unquestionably ensemble music, written for musical interpreters who are not afraid to take chances and to venture outside the safe zone. Whether playing pizzicato or arco, Gina Schwarz never fails to complement the music beautifully and invariably causes the listener to marvel at the sheer splendor of the sound she gets from her instrument. Jazzista Gina Schwarz is a new musical force to be appreciated, enjoyed, and reckoned with.

  • Gina Schwarz b, comp
  • Bastian Stein tp, flgh
  • Bernhard Wiesinger sax
  • Robert Bachner trb
  • Philipp Jagschitz p
  • Heimo Trixner guit
  • Ingrid Eder bandoneon
  • Harry Tanschek dr

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