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ONE with Bassist Joe Morris

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ONE with Bassist Joe Morris

ONE brings together the potent forces of Brazilian tenor saxophonist and prolific free jazz icon Ivo Perelman, veteran bassist-guitarist Joe Morris (a ubiquitousONE with Bassist Joe Morris figure on the avant garde jazz scene, making his recorded debut on electric bass guitar here) and Hungarian hardcore drummer Balazs Pandi (Slobber Pup, Obake, Metallic Taste of Blood, Merzbow). With no rehearsals, no charts, no sketches or musical road maps whatsoever, the three risk-taking musicians entered the studio and made a joyful noise in daring, unadulterated fashion, pulling no punches, while following their instincts from start to finish. Fueled by the hard and fast beats of Pandi, who also demonstrates his remarkably versatile skills and keen listening instincts throughout the session, One is a highly interactive studio-encounter that borders on the telepathic at times; with Perelman?s cathartic, Albert Ayler-inspired tenor sax blowing on top and Morris? electric bass lines bubbling underneath, sparks ensue on this turbulent project.

Available October 1, 2013

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