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Chicago Bass Players 2013


Chicago Bass Players 2013

Submitted by Jauqo III-X and Will Howard,
Photos by Tim Seed.

Chicago Bass Players 2013 #1

“Every day is a great day to be a bassist but to be a Chicago bassist is even greater for a group of some of Chicago’s most talented. November 9th 2013 was a gathering of mad bass, fun and love for a quick pic at the old Chess records building now the home of the Willie Dixon blues heaven foundation. The photo op before gigs was organized by one of Chicago’s hardest working bassist Mr. Will Howard and that is Will Howard with Willie Dixon’s original bass that was used on many recordings and live throughout Mr. Dixon’s career.” Jauqo III-X

Chicago Bass players 2013 #2

Will shared this about the event…

“About 2 1/2 years ago I decided to start a facebook page dedicated to Chicago bass players after I saw a similar page dedicated to keyboard players. Just based on relationships I already we quickly added people and currently we have over 500 very active members who are all over the world but all have a Chicago connection from living or working here. As you know, many of the top touring Bassist in the world are from Chicago and many of them are members of our group.

The photo shoot was inspired by seen a photo of a similar group in Detroit in front of Hitsville.

We decided that the historic Chess Records site was a great setting for our group photo. Chess Records is now the site of the blues heaven foundation and while we were doing the shoot Mr Dixson’s grandson asked if we wanted to see his bass which was amazing when you consider all of the hit records it was used on.
Our photographer was Tim Seed who did a great job.’

You can find the Chicago Bass Players Group and Jauqo III-X  on Facebook.



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