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BASS LINES By Jaime David Vazquez: Silence & Sound


BASS LINES By Jaime David Vazquez: Silence & Sound

Jaime D. Vazquez - Lathon Bass Wear Exclusive ArtistDo you wanna get locked with the drums? Silence and sound will be a good choice and is a great concept to create a solid rhythm section. The approach will create tension and release to your grooves.

Silence = rests

Sound = notes

Check out the lack of space in music today. Rests are important too. They can make music more interesting. memorable. Space is an important effect for your music, it is like breathing. It will open the door for interaction of the whole band for things like question and answer, etc. You can apply the concept to many music styles like funk, rock, blues, jazz, etc. Don’t get bored and enjoy your playing! The possibilities are infinite.

“Silence & sound is a matter of taste.”

Fig. 1 – This is the bass line for the hit single Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. Notice the use of space, there are a lot of rests in this groove. You can breathe through every bar. This is the perfect example of back to basics.

Silence & Sound-1

Fig. 2 – This is the groove of the top 10 single Treasure by Bruno Mars. The song is disco with a funky vibe. The bass line has rests, tied notes, octaves, passing tones, etc. Have fun with your right hand slap and pop techniques.

Silence & Sound-2

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