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BASS LINES by Jaime David Vazquez – Grooving the Vamp! Part II

Jaime D. Vazquez - Lathon Bass Wear Exclusive ArtistThis is it! 
Grooving the vamp is a great way to improve your playing. Why? Because it gives you the opportunity to explore different possibilities when you are creating groove patterns. Remember! Is all about the groove.
This is something that can be applied to all styles. It gives more life to your performance and it will enhance the rhythm section. In applying the concept of variations, you will make a better use of the dynamics and the interaction with your bandmates will be open.
Let’s play the example of a classic, U2’s “Pride (In the name of love).” The chord progression is B-E-A-F#m. See how Adam Clayton brings variety to this pattern. Definitely! He is grooving the vamp!
Fig. 1 – Main groove.
Grooving the Vamp! Part II-1
Fig. 2 – Groove variation.
Grooving the Vamp! Part II-2

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