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Ibanez Workshop Bass BTB686SC {Review}

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Ibanez Workshop Bass BTB686SC {Review}

Ibanez Workshop Bass BTB686SC ReviewImpressive looks meets impressive sound and playability. For 6 string and aspiring 6 string bassists, the Ibanez BTB686SC will give you everything you are looking for and more. The first thing I noticed when just sitting down to play this bass, even before hooking it up to the amp, was the width of the fingerboard and spacing between the strings. Comparing it with another 6 string I have, the neck and string spacing is notably wider. The string spacing is ample to that of a 5 string, which will be a welcome factor among many 6 stringers out there. The string spacing is 17mm. The cutaway of the neck itself allows access to the 24th fret with no effort.

The body of the bass is designed as a single cutaway, which allows for an ample amount of sustain and balance. The body is constructed of ash with a beautiful rosewood top, and the back of the body is cut in a scoop like shape starting at the point where it meets the 12th fret of the fingerboard so that your left hand has ample space in that section of the neck. The neck, which the BTB686SC is neck through, is 5 piece constructed of maple and bubinga, with a rosewood fretboard.

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The Mono-rail II bridge lets each string have separation from the other strings allowing for maximum vibration. The pickups are the Bartolini BH1-6, which are dual coil and allows the bass to provide better balance of volume between the strings. The EQ is the EBQ-III 3 band with a mid frequency switch. This alone, gives you so many different tonal possibilities and I had a blast just playing around with the EQ trying all of them out. Field test ? You bet I did! My typical gigs/sessions usually only call for a 4 or 5 string, so I don’t take a 6 out that often. This bass can definitely change all of that. I found this bass an absolute thrill to play and actually found myself noodling and playing on certain parts when I wasn’t supposed to, however, the other guys didn’t seem to mind, they actually enjoyed it too! The BTB686SC is so much fun and effortless to play that it almost plays itself.

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