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Learn Flamenco Bass with Mariano Martos {Bass Book}

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Learn Flamenco Bass with Mariano Martos {Bass Book}

lamenco Bass - Mariano MartosFlamenco Bass Method 1 (Book/CD)

Flamenco Bass method by Mariano Martos divided into four basic styles “palos”: Rumbas, Tangos, Tanguillos and Bulerías.  The exercises are conducted in a progressive manner to assist in learning. Practice of basic patterns of each style, at the end of the “palos” there are two “falsetas” from a well known tune or the author of this book to train the ear.

Flamenco Bass Method 2 (Book/CD)

The method is divided into six chapters, each of which corresponds to a different flamenco style, or palo. These are the Soleá, Guajira, Seguiriya, Alegrías, Fandango and Colombiana.

Flamenco Bass Clinic (Book/DVD)

Technique study, examples of Rumba, Tangos, Tanguillos and Bulerías. Emulation techniques to other instruments and play with harmonics. Author’s original compositions that show how to work on the studied rhythms.

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