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Unbounded by Alon Goldshuv

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Unbounded by Alon Goldshuv

Unbounded by Alon GoldshuvAlon Goldshuv’s debut album Unbounded showcases a unique concept of instrumental duets centered around the electric bass guitar. It features some of the top musicians in the jazz and world music scenes, who are backed up by a single bass track only, in a way that challenges the bass guitar’s traditional roles and boundaries.

Aside from the opening and ending tracks, both of which are bass solos, the rest of the album has a focus on the bass guitar sound and its relationship with a variety of lead instruments. This relationship is intensified by explicitly excluding percussive instru- ments from the entire album. While the bass is the connecting element between the tracks of the album, the music and sound of each track is arranged in a way that still sends the lead instrument out front. World class touring musicians create a spectacu- lar collection of sounds played on a variety of instruments such as the violin, saxo- phone, trombone and flute.

Alon has been recording and performing for nearly 20 years in the Israeli jazz scene, while also touring as a part of various musical groups in small venues around the world. In the past he recorded a number of solo albums, which were not officially pub- lished. This album was released in December 2013 and a national tour is expected to start around mid 2014. Get a taste of this inspiring album on various major digital music distributors (such as iTunes, Amazon) or through the artist’s page on Facebook and CDBaby.

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