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Ibanez Bass Workshop SRC6 Crossover Review by Ty Campbell

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Ibanez Bass Workshop SRC6 Crossover Review by Ty Campbell

Bass Review of the Ibanez Bass Workshop SRC6 Crossover

Ibanez Bass Workshop SRC6 Crossover ReviewAnother new entry in the bass realm from Ibanez is the Bass Workshop SRC6 Crossover. At first glance, this appears just like a regular 6 string electric guitar. However, Ibanez has taken a bass into a more modern perspective, with some classic relations to the early years. Being able to get the classic sound of the tic-tac bass on early recordings, especially country, to getting a full rich bass tone that can be tailored to your liking and more is exactly what the bass does, and it does it extremely well. In the upper portion of the neck, I was able to create warm and rich chords. While the tuning is that of a standard electric guitar, but tuned an octave lower than a standard electric, those of us that are used to the tuning on a bass, the B and E strings can be tuned respectively to C and F. String spacing is sufficient  enough for slap technique, and the cutaway  gives you complete access to the 24th fret across the entire neck.

The body of the Ibanez SRC6 Crossover is constructed of Mahogany and the 30” bolt-on neck is of 5 piece Jatoba and Bubinga construction with a 24 fret rosewood fretboard. The string spacing is 10.8 mm. The bridge allows for separate individual string adjustment and is fixed to the body so that maximum string vibration can be obtained and the strings are through-body. The pickups are EMG 35HZ Passive pickups and the EBQ-IIID 3 Band EQ complements the pickups to give you a great deal of tonal capabilities. The 9-volt battery compartment in the back is easily accessible.

At first glance of taking the bass to a gig, especially one with the appearance of a guitar, the reaction was a little mixed. Quite a few were surprised to think I was playing guitar that evening until things got hooked up. A bit of astonishment followed as to how great the Bass Workshop SRC6 Crossover not only looks, but sounds. Some were skeptical that the SRC6 Crossover could produce a sound like that of a bass, but that’s exactly what it did. This is a bass that can be used by bassists and guitarists alike. In the upper range, I was able to produce some screaming leads that could turn some heads, and in the lower range, warm and rich bass tones. No matter wether you play bass or guitar, the Ibanez Bass Workshop SRC6 Crossover is worth a look. Try one out at an Ibanez retailer near you and you’ll be hooked.

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