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Diminished Triad Shapes by Josh Needleman

Getting Around the Bass by Josh NeedlemanDiminished Triad Shapes, an excerpt from Getting Around The Bass –

Click to Download Diminshed Triads in Pos 1

Getting Around the Bass by Josh Needleman is a practical 155 page, bass-centric guide to creating functional and creative basslines from the various chord symbols you will encounter as a bassist. Through the extensive use of graphs explained in five different ways, the bass neck is revealed! You will learn hands on techniques and applied music theory that will directly help you with tone production, note location, and playing from chord symbols. Discover the direct application of triads, scales, modes, intervals, blues in all keys, jazz walking basslines, vamping, bassline construction, and bass soling. This book will go a long way towards preparing you for real life playing situations. Written in standard notation and TAB. 155 pages.

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