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Druckfarben’s Second Sound with Bassist Peter Murray

Druckfarben’s Second Sound with Bassist Peter Murray –


Druckfarben’s Second Sound with Bassist Peter Murray-1

The mid-80’s were filled with mystery and wonder for most people, but for two boys jamming in Toronto, this was especially true. Teenagers Ed Bernard and Troy Feener spent most of the band rehearsals staring at barrels with that mysterious German word “Druckfarben” stenciled onto them.

In 2008, Ed Bernard (guitar) linked up with Peter Murray (bass) to form a progressive Rock band styled after legends such as Rush and King Crimson. Nostalgia struck and Ed investigated the meaning of “Druckfarben” only to find that the definition: “Colored ink used for printing on textiles,” would be the perfect fit for such an outfit.

Druckfarben’s Second Sound with Bassist Peter Murray-2Their sophomore album, Second Sound (2014), describes their name with iconic melodies swooping through some serious rock. Each chorus is surrounded with harmonies that are just as beautiful as the main melody and the same can be said about the instrumentation, which sometimes even includes violin! The band sets up a new story in every song and takes you on a colorful journey.

Though the modern Prog band is usually a by-musicians-for-musicians band… Druckfarben is a fantastic exception to this rule and is not only listenable, but also enjoyable to just about anyone. This record is not for the faint of heart; their high energy and melancholy guitar riffs are the true Ying and Yang for their melodic obsession.

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