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EMG Geezer Butler Pickups Review

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EMG Geezer Butler Pickups Review

Review of the new EMG Geezer Butler Pickups

EMG Geezer Butler Pickups Review

I was surprised on how amazing the packaging is! Check out the picture…

EMG Pickups has unveiled the GZR-P and GZR-PJ signature bass pickup sets for Black Sabbath 4-stringer Geezer Butler. Designed with Butler, the pickups are made to reproduce the bassist’s tone during his earlier years in the band.

The vintage style sets offer old school vibe with a few modern touches. The P set is all solderless and uses Alnico 5 pole pieces with custom wound coils. The J-style pickup in the PJ set has two custom wound split-coils that eliminate hum and add volume.

I needed a classic aggressive rock sound for an upcoming recording session. I contacted EMG and we decided that I should try the new GZR P bass pickups. It took me just a few minutes to install it in my 74 Precision bass. I was amazed by the sound. It was the sound I had in my head for years but just couldn’t get with the pickups I had tried (and I tried quite a few). This pickup growls. It sounds like an EMG active P blended with a Fender Original. The Tone control cuts the the right amount of highs to my taste when rolled off all the way.

The EMG Geezer Butler Signature Pickup Sets are now shipping. The GZR-P set has a price of $109.99, while the GZR-PJ set will go for $149.99.

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