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Hal Leonard’s Dream Theater Bass Anthology

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Hal Leonard’s Dream Theater Bass Anthology

Hal Leonard’s Dream Theater Bass Anthology

Hot off the press is an incredible book for the Bass Recorded Versions from Hal Leonard, Dream Theater Bass Anthology.

Ever wanted to learn John Myung’s bass parts but couldn’t figure them out due to their complexity? Wait no more! Dream Theater’s Bass Anthology contains 14 tunes from “Pull Me Under” and “Metropolis Part I, “The Miracle and the Sleeper” on their second album, “Images and Words” all the way to “Outcry” and “Breaking All Illusions” on “A Dramatic Turn of Events,” released September 12, 2011.

While all the notation and tab is written for 6 string bass, I have no doubt that the majority of the material can be suited for 4 and 5 string bass, though it would be more difficult on 4 string bass.

All of the songs in the book are complete with bass notation and tab, guitar chords, and melody for vocal lines. Just transitioning through one or two pages of the John Myung’s bass lines will have you changing time signature quite a few times. Hal Leonard’s Dream Theater Bass Anthology is easy true read and true to what John Myung is doing on the bass with Dream Theater.

Songs included are Beyond this Life, Breaking All Illusions, Caught in a Web, The Dance of Eternity, Erotomania, Fatal Tragedy, The Glass Prison, Learning to Live, Metropolis – Part I, Outcry, Panic Attack, Pull Me Under, Stream of Consciousness, and Trail of Tears. Whether you are a fan of Dream Theater of not, this book has a multitude of great bass lines that will keep you busy grooving for quite some time!

Hal Leonard’s Dream Theater Bass Anthology is available from Bass Books and Music Dispatch!

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