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Review – Glasses, No Glasses Amanda Ruzza & Mauricio Zottarelli

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Review – Glasses, No Glasses Amanda Ruzza & Mauricio Zottarelli

Amanda Ruzza and Mauricio Zottarelli - Glasses, No Glasses

New CD by Bassist Amanda Ruzza, & Mauricio Zottarelli – Glasses, No Glasses

Amanda Ruzza is pure energy!  I really enjoyed her first album “This is What Happened”, and was highly impressed by her live performances at Winter NAMM 2013.

It was at this NAMM show that I got to experience Amanda’s tight interaction and chemistry with percussionist Mauricio Zottarelli. The flow between bass and drums is simply the most essential part of our craft.

Now, I am pleased to be listening to Amanda’s latest CD, “Glasses, No Glasses”! The musical approach on this CD is more of a spontaneous studio jam than a controlled production. Add guest keyboardist-saxophonist Leo Genovesse and you have some real magic! As a result, we are treated to an improvised musical experience that is quite unique and exclusive.

Check out this video from the studio to get an idea of how this all went down.

The first track “Soundcheck” is exactly as described. This is their sound check, that turned our so cool that they kept it as their first track. This track is driven by a nice, fat effects, enhanced groove and the piece just drips with attitude! Listen and you will know why this was a keeper.

Throughout the CD, Amanda brings her funky side (a slight departure from her Brazilian roots) and seasons it nicely with variations in the groove; “Bigfoot” is a great example of this. There is a New Orleans style, syncopated essence that made me reminisce of the “Big Easy”.  You could strut your stuff down Bourbon Street with this tune!

All in all, this CD is a great example of what can happen when you put three very talented musicians together in a studio for a couple of days. The results are electrifying, pure, sometimes raw and represents the precise interaction of creative individuals working together and creating a sound from within.

Check this CD out to experience this event!

Glasses, No Glasses is available at

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