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I Can’t Make You Love Me, Featuring Bassist Giuseppe Patane’

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I Can’t Make You Love Me, Featuring Bassist Giuseppe Patane’

I Can't Make You Love Me, Featuring Bassist Giuseppe Patane

Giuseppe Patane’, BMM February 2014 Cover Interview, is featured on New Single Release, “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”

With anticipated mounting for her new full-length studio album ‘NO MO GAMES,” Aika releases an intimate cover of the timeless Bonnie Raitt song, “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”  Featured on the song is Aika, vocal and saxophone, Alex Alessandroni, piano (Music Director for Natalie Cole and Pink), Giuseppe Patane’ bass (from the band The Olms), Toss Panos (Grammy winning drummer- Robben Ford and Drako), Thanasi Moustogiannis on percussion, Nicolas Farmakalidis on keyboards, and legendary Japanese guitar player Masayoshi Furukawa on lead. Produced by Nicolas Farmakalidis for NeilaProductions, this song is as soulful of a performance as anything released by Aika since her 2006 release “AI-WO” (EMI Music Japan).  “AI-WO” charted Top 10 and was an international radio success, garnishing rave reviews around the globe.

Aika has been on tour for the past three months across Asia. While preparing to put the finishing touches on her next full-length album, “NO MO GAMES,” Aika managed to take time from her busy touring schedule to slip into the studio with her band and record this gem for her fans.  Aika, known for her sultry combination of classical saxophone and Jazz pop, brings an exciting breath of freshness to this romantic classic.  Aika, backed by one of the hardest working and most reputable bands in the business, takes a wonderfully laid back yet poignant approach to this masterful track.

Best known for her musical heritage, as the daughter of legendary saxophone player Makoto Hirahara, and for her own classical mastering of the saxophone, Aika’s music has been quite straight-ahead.  However, with this new offering and the full-length album, “NO MO GAMES” to follow, Aika departs from the safety of Japanese Jazz Pop and forges an adventurous trail into western contemporary lyric, melody and song.  This first single is meant to encourage the listener to dig deeper into who Aika is, and what her vision is for the music of today.  Since moving to Los Angeles a few years ago, Aika has focused on broadening her musical horizons, keeping in tuned with the modern soundscapes, and intertwining them into her own unique sound.  Aika will be on tour throughout Asia for the remainder of the summer and early fall, headlining shows across Japan. This includes a sold out September 18th show in Tokyo at KIWA Live in FUTAKOTAMAGAWA.  She has begun gearing up the press and promotions schedule for her forthcoming release “NO MO GAMES” and is actively shooting music videos and creating fun online content in support of this next effort.

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