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Hal Leonard’s 101 Upright Bass Tips – Bass Book Review

Hal Leonard’s 101 Upright Bass Tips - Bass Book Review

101 Upright Bass Tips, Recently released from Hal Leonard

While this book does focus on upright bass, there is plenty of notation studies within the book that could very well apply to electric bass too. 101 Upright Bass Tips covers everything from the parts of the upright bass, playing styles, hand position, using humidifiers adjusting the bridge and alignment, right down on how to properly hold the bow

Playing exercises including proper fingerings, notation (sorry guys, no tab here), scales, arpeggios, substitutions, time, sight reading, transcribing, slapping, and cross string exercises. 101 Upright Bass Tips also includes a code in order for you to download the audio for the exercises. While there are many books out there on upright bass, I have to say this may be one of the most complete books that I have come across. Hal Leonard’s 101 Upright Bass Tips is available from Hal Leonard and

101 Upright Bass Tips available at

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