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Submotion Orchestra “Alium”

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Submotion Orchestra “Alium”

Submotion Orchestra

Known for their sultry, raw approach to Dub step: Submotion Orchestra continues to impress the masses with their newest full length, “Alium”.

The band formed in 2009 when a local church in Leeds, UK was putting on a contemporary music concert. The band put together for the event was comprised of a full orchestra, choir and rhythm section to add a modern approach to classical music which included elements of jazz and even RnB. Shortly after their debut performance, Submotion Orchestra released their EP, “Finest Hour” which included two singles, “Always” and “All Yours”- a very bare, broken down ballad featuring trumpet and voice. Since then the band has continued to write and blossom in almost every way imaginable, “Alium” is just the natural progression.

Submotion Orchestra-2

Tracks like, “Time Will Wait” and “City Lights” highlight the growing maturity of the band with the simplicity and emphasis on lyrics. Because all of the instruments are played and recorded live, (including all synths), their version of electronic music has a very human touch; more than most other acts in this genre.

‘City Lights’ on YouTube

If you’re looking for the perfect record to listen to on your drive home from work this fall… You’ve found it. As you might expect by looking at the album cover they have successfully attempted to use all the colors in their palette to paint a better picture of who they are. While sonically their sound has grown to be a much wider and vibrant voice compared to their previous release “Fragments”, the same qualities we love are still there. “Alium” has made more room for trumpet in Submotion Orchestra, enabling it to sit gracefully throughout the entirety of the compositions rather than focusing on horn solos. Ruby’s vocal melodies emerge more haunting than ever… leaving you filled with joy one moment and heartbroken the next, just like a good record should.

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