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Latin American Bassist Junior Braguinha – by Rajoe {Video}

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Latin American Bassist Junior Braguinha – by Rajoe {Video}

Latin American Bassist Junior Braguinha – Lesson 16…

Sorry about the long hiatus, I had a little wrist injury which had to rest a bit before I could practise again soundly.

I’ve noticed recently that every Latin American (rooted) bassist I stumble upon on YouTube is a mind blowing badass… I don’t know what’s different over there, but really, just look up a few guys: Victor ColmeneroNino BezerraPipoquinhaEduardo Barbosaand last but not least  Junior Braginhua …  all jaw-dropping. I’ve decided to feature them since they are more than worth it 🙂

Junior Braguinha is most probably known to you, he is a Ken Smith, MarkBass and a Rotosound endorser so his videos have probably reached you one way or another I just love how effortless and cool this guy does all those mind-melting licks. He is lighting fast but all he does is tasty. You can hear a lot of influences in his playing that are mixed together in this young chap. The three guys that are hear most in his playing are Linley Marthe, Jaco and Matthew Garrison.

The solo pattern I’ve transcribed is one of his signature licks – if you listen closely it comes out of his fingers in several in his solos – there is a song under tha codename (5) where you can hear it very clearly as an interlude fill – so I picked this excerpt and I looped it. The song is in 5/4 which can sound scary to some of you, but if you leave the coungting out and listen to the groove for a few rounds, it should be very straightforward – so that’s why i also transcribed the groove – you can hear that in the lesson as well.

The lick includes a good workout for your hammer-on/pull of skills (that’s the thing from Matthew Garrison) and it ascends on cromatic passing notes and stops on a slightly outside note, than it comes down with a recurring triad-base triplet pattern – simple, solid, effective with a little bit of speed 🙂 Note that the first two bars are played actually an octave higher but i wanted to keep things Jazz Bass friendly for the majority out there 🙂 Have fun!

The video does not intend to violate any laws or copyrights, it is to be used for educational purposes (fair use). The original song is available on Youtube!

Visit Junior Braguinha’s Facebook site and support him!

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