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Schecter Model-T Session 4-String Bass Review

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Schecter Model-T Session 4-String Bass Review

Schecter Model-T Session 4 string Bass

New in the Session Bass Series from Schecter is the Model-T Session 4-string Bass.

If you love the classic basses, you are gonna love this one just as much, as I know I do. From the classic look of an early 50’s precision style body to the classic tones of everything from bright and crisp to warm and round, the Schecter Model-T Session 4-string Bass has it all and does everything you need no matter what genre of music you perform. This bass was ready to go from the moment I unpacked it. Schecter prides themselves not only in producing quality basses, but on instrument setup as well. No matter wether you get it shipped direct from them, an online retailer, to a big box music retailer, all the way down to the mom-and-pop shops, you can be assured that any of the basses coming from Schecter will be of the highest quality and pristine setup for maximum playabilty from day one.

The Schecter Model-T Session 4-string Bass may have the classic look of a early model precision body, but it is stacked with features. The body is swamp ash with a statin finish and the bolt-on neck and fretboard are maple with the, what I call, the Schecter signature large ebony blocks on the fingerboard and a C shape neck. Being a 4 string, the scale is 34″, as is standard. While the body is in the vein of the classic style precsion bass, the pickups are in the P/J pairing. The neck pickup is an EMG-P and the bridge pickup is and EMG-J. The electronics are 18V active with controls for volume, pickup blend, and a stacked 2 band EMG EQ. The EMG-P is one of EMG’s most popular pickups using ceramic magnets and short, squat coils to give you more of a natural tone. The EMG-J is the has classic jazz sound but also adds a more modern presence and wider tonality.

The response from fellow bandmates on this bass was very pleasing from ” It really looks cool”, to “Just bring that one from now on!”. I felt extremly comfortable playing the bass and didn’t have to fuss with it to get the tone that I wanted quickly. Check out the Schecter Model-T Session 4-string Bass at a music retailer near you!

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