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DVD Review – Rockin’ the Wall

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DVD Review – Rockin’ the Wall

Rockin’ the Wall

Rockin’ the Wall, How Music Ripped the Iron Curtain

History. Many people do not realize how interesting it can be and we tend to lump it into a mental category of things we only pay attention to, if we have to (like in school).

So, what were you doing from 1961 until 1989?

If you were born after this time period, the whole “Berlin Wall Saga” is ancient history, and you need to watch the DVD, Rockin’ the Wall, so you can know what went down before your time.

Now, if you lived through this time frame, you may know more about this historic event, but are you really aware of the details? You can find them out by watching this DVD.

I fall into the later category, as I was just a kid when the Berlin wall went up. We were in a “Cold War” and the “Commies” were the enemy. We were trained to hide in the school basement in the event that we were bombed. Most of our information came to us heavily filtered through the news. We were going to war in Vietnam, Kennedy was assassinated and there was so much going on, that in the US, it made it too easy to ignore what was happening in Berlin.

At this same time, Rock and Roll was really taking off and there were folks who were demonizing this music, as well as those who embraced it as a life philosophy. Fortunately rock prevailed and as a result, there were some tangibly positive effects.

“Rockin’ the Wall“ presents how this musical genre had a profound social impact on the people trapped behind the wall and possibly helped lead to the Berlin walls ultimate destruction.

Knowing more about this major historical event is a good thing, but I found it  even more interesting as it was told by musicians, as well as people who lived in communist Germany at that time. This DVD includes some major bassists such as Jimmy Haslip of the Yellowjackets and Rudy Sarzo of Quiet Riot, along with major players such as Robby Krieger of The Doors, Mark Stein of Vanilla Fudge, Mother’s Finest, David Paich of Toto, Hollywood composer John Van Tongeren, and Leslie Mandoki, a European star who escaped from communism.

Being musicians, we are aware of the entertainment value of music and its strength as a vessel for social commentary. This documentary sheds light on just how powerful music can be and how it can really effect change in our lives and those who share this planet we call home.

Check this DVD out!

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