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Ibanez Talman Bass review

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Ibanez Talman Bass review

Ibanez Talman Bass

Ibanez Talman Bass TMB300, Metallic Forest – TMB100, Tri Fade Burst – TMB300, Candy Apple

A Review of the Ibanez Talman Bass

What has that classic look, vibe and feel? The new Talman 4 String Basses from Ibanez. The Talman body shape of the historic Ibanez was introduced as an electric guitar in 1994, emerged as a acoustic guitar body shape sometime later on, and is now available for bass.

Ibanez has introduced two models of the Talman bass, both which are only currently available as 4 string models. The TMB100 and TMB300 have mahogany bodies, gloss finished maple necks with 20 fret rosewood fingerboards and chrome hardware. The neck pickup is the Dynamix P, and the stackable controls are volume/balance and bass/treble however, the similarities stop there. The TMB fretboard has dot inlays where the TMB300 fretboard is bound with block inlays. The bridge pickups differ as the TMB100 has a Dynamix J pickup, where the TMB300 has a Dynamix J2 pickup. The EQ for the TMB100 is an Ibanez Custom 2 band-eq as is the TMB300 which adds a slide switch to run the J2 bid pickup in series are just with the neck side coil.

Playability reminds me of playing some of the older classic basses with their smooth feel and vibe. The neck feels like the traditional jazz style basses and surprisingly enough, the gloss finish allows yours hands to slide across with ease. No matter what style of music your are into playing, the TMB100 and TMB300 wil make you stand out from the rest in both sound and appearance. The TMB300 is available in three colors, Candy Apple, and Metallic Forest, while the TMB100 is available in Black, Ivory, Mint Green and Transparent Red. Both TMB models are available in Tri Fade Burst

Check out the Ibanez Talman TMB100 and TMB300 basses at a music retailer near you!


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