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Bass Review – Ibanez SR755 5 String P/J Bass

Bass Review - Ibanez SR755 5 String PJ Bass

Ibanez SR755 5 String P/J Bass Review

The Ibanez SR755 5 String P/J Bass, a strikingly beautiful bass, new from Ibanez.

Equipped with something never seen before in the SR series, a P/J configuration. Taking it even further from standard, the P pickup is reversed, with the bottom pickup being closest to the neck. The weight of the Ibanez SR755 5 String P/J Bass also stands out as the body is constructed of maple with a bubinga top topped of with a natural flat finish. This adds a little more weight than the standard Mahogany bodies of most of the SR series basses. The neck is 5-piece Jatoba and Bubinga with a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard complete with abalone oval inlays.

The bridge is the acca-cast B305, which has 16.5mm string spacing giving you just the right amount of room for slap/pop style bass. The electronics are made up of Nordstrand passive pickups, with the CND P for the neck and CND J for the bridge. The eq is a custom Ibanez 3 band with an EQ on/off switch. The EQ on/off switch makes for a true passive/active bass setup. When the EQ bypass switch is in the off position, the treble knob also doubles as a passive tone control. To test the theory of this being a true active/passive bass, the 9volt battery was removed. The controls for the bass are volume, balance, with boost and cut for bass, mid, and treble. The Nordstrand pickups really shine with the Ibanez SR755 5 String P/J Bass both in passive and active mode. The tone is rich and the neck is fast and smooth as it is with all the basses in the SR series, but what makes this one stand apart is the reverse P/J pickup configuration, and with having both passive and active capabilities, this bass will fit any genre of music. The configuration of this bass is also available as a 4 string (SR750) and 6 string (SR756). Check out the Ibanez SR755 5 String P/J Bass at a music retailer near you!

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  1. Mick Holland

    May 3, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    always loved Ibanez necks, but ever since the mid 90’s they’ve gotten so damn UGLY!

  2. Dave McNee

    May 6, 2015 at 3:36 pm

    Your comment that Ibanez has not used a P/J setup on the SR series is inaccurate. I have a 1995 SR1200 neck-thru with reverse P/J setup, from the factory.

  3. J Koski

    May 8, 2015 at 2:24 pm

    This is a sexy bass

  4. gary ashall

    February 3, 2016 at 12:19 am

    Bought an IBANEZ btb 675 5 string at Xmas and when it arrived it had a 4 inch crack between the neck and fretboard around the 12th fret on the treble side so it went back. The store didn’t have another instock so they offered me a more expensive IBANEZ SR 755 5 string at no extra cost to myself. It arrived and when I opened it up and inspected it,it had a c rack about 3 inches long between the bubinga/mahogany laminate on the upper horn. Believe bit or not I didn’t even take it back..I sold it immediately making the buyer aware of the problem. I have had loads of IBANEZ basses over the years with no problems but it seems now that production moved from Korea to Indonesia that quality control is a major issue…never buying another IBANEZ that says made in Indonesia on it…total garbage

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