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Miki Santamaria, Dangerous Tapping Part – by Rajoe {Video}

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Miki Santamaria, Dangerous Tapping Part – by Rajoe {Video}

Miki Santamaria, Dangerous Tapping Part – by Rajoe

Miki Santamaria, Dangerous Tapping Part – by Rajoe {Video}…

Are you into something cool, fresh and musical which can even be referenced to classical music? Here is a lesson for Miki Santamaria’s Dangerous (which is a David Guetta song and Miki did an instrumental cover for it with Anna Sentina and Casey “COOP3RDRUMM3R” Cooper)

Miki Santamaria is a hell of a bass player –  I first saw a video of him playing that Silver Modulus bass and then i checked out all the other stuff from him – if you haven’t run into one of Miki’s great Youtube videos you might be from Mars – in that case, welcome on Earth, welcome on YouTube, there are some things you should watch very quickly (Slap bass secrets or a few of his covers and solos for example). Besides being a virtuoso, Miki is also very musical – that not only means that he composes solo bass stuff with taste but he also seems to fit in any band.Check out his work!

So, Dangerous! I never actually listened to the original David Guetta version fully but I dig the cover version so much I transcribed the tapping part! This part immediately caught my ears and i knew i wanted to learn it. Also, it sounded very familiar … After a quick search, it turned out that my suspicion was right- if you are interested in some musical references, just give a listen to the following excerpts 🙂 Ludovico Einaudi’s Andare or Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor

Actually, the cool thing about this tapping part is that while it sound complicated it is not really. Sure, your fingers might feel some pain at the beginning but after the second day it won’t be a big deal 🙂 Basically, there are 3 parts to know for this song: a one-bar lick that is played many-many times, an intro line which is only played at the beginning of the song, and the refrain part.

The intro part goes from 0.10-0.23 in the original video – in the lesson, i play this part 3 times slow – you’ll see the tabs under the video, but the first bar is basically that one-bar lick which is played everywhere else in the video – so you only have to repeat that most of the time.

The refrain part is first played from 0.55-1.05 in the original – in the lesson, i basically play two rounds, then make a 4 bar rest, then demonstrate two more rounds.- use your ears to spot the refrain part in the song elsewhere!

If you are new to tapping, don’t worry! Let’s check the first bar of the intro – put your left index finger on the 9th fret of G string and move the index or middle of your right above the 16th fret of the G string. As the 9th fret should be sounded first, the first note is actually picked with your right finger and after that 9th fret note is sounded you tap the 16th fret with your right, move your left pinkie to the 14th fret and then when you fret that 14th note, you release your right index. When that 14th note is sounded, you again tap with your right index, you move your left middle to the 12 th fret, release right index…etc. Once you figure this motion out, you’ll only have to move it around – if something is not clear, ask in the comments, or on email! Have fun with it!

The video does not intend to violate any laws or copyrights, it is to be used for educational purposes (fair use). Check out the cover version of Miki, Anna and Casey!

Check out Miki’s Youtube channel and homepage and support him!

For registered DigthatBass members, here is the GuitarPro5 file here!



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