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Review: AirTurn DUO

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Review: AirTurn DUO

AirTurn DUO-2Review: AirTurn DUO

Taking a hand away from the bass to turn a page stored in your tablet has always been a test of speed and coordination. If you can shoot your hand to the screen and get it back to your instrument without missing a note, you’re golden. But, if your finger doesn’t make clean contact with the touch-sensitive screen, and you single tap instead of double tap, guess who just flubbed the gig? Or, my personal favorite, not getting any response and touching the screen one more time to advance two pages ahead instead of one. Then panicking and going back four pages and getting completely lost and having to fake it until you can figure out where you are in the music. Not that it’s ever happened to me…more than three times.

A lifesaver was the invention of the footswitch controller that let your hands stay active on the instrument. Simply use your foot to tap a switch to turn a page.

One of the leaders in the foot controller market, AirTurn recently launched a major update to the well-known BT-105 wireless foot controller. Dubbed the DUO, the new model features the ATFS-2 two-pedal foot controller for hands-free page turns as well as triggering effects and more than 100 computer and mobile applications.

The brains of the DUO is the BT-106, a multifunction handheld remote that can be used to control compatible apps up to 60 feet away on a Bluetooth-enabled PC, Mac, Android or iOS device. The new design places all controls and LEDs on top of the unit for improved visibility. The transceiver has a six-button membrane switch to advance musical pages, scroll lyrics, play media, and initiate effects.

Two 1/8-inch jacks on the BT-106 allow you to connect two foot switches, which come standard with the DUO.

The AirTurn performed flawlessly with my iPad and ForScore to turn pages forward and backward in rapid succession. Unlike other plastic pedals that are a bit noisy when depressed, the DUO polycarbonate construction is solid and has some heft to it.

AirTurn DUO

In addition to shortened cables for a smaller foot print, the new AirTurn created six optional modes that can be programmed for control ProTools, iTunes, camera controls or trigger effects, such as audio, video or lights.

A new micro USB charging port allows you to pump 100 hours of power into the DUO’s rechargeable batteries.

The DUO comes with the USA-made BT-106 transceiver, ATFS-2 foot controllers, USB charging cable, manual and quick start guide. The unit is made in the USA and has with a one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. Retail price is $99.

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