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Shaw Audio S.O.S Preamp Review

Shaw Audio S.O.S Preamp Review

Shaw Audio S.O.S Preamp Review

Do you like for your bass to sound like a million bucks or are you just not happy with your tone? Well, this is the preamp that your mother warned you about… classic knobs, warm 6SL7 octal tubes, all packaged in a durable steel frame, simple to use, and yet big in tone and warmth.

The Shaw Audio S.O.S is a 1U unit that works with both passive and active basses quite well. Input gain is controlled with the gain knob and output is controlled with the volume knob for connection to a sound mixer or recording console. The master knob controls volume to your stage amp and does not affect the volume knob. The bass control is a push/pull knob, and when pulled, gives you a fatter and rounder bottom tone. The mids are controlled by the middle know, which is a six-way rotary, giving you boost or scoop on the mids, depending on the settings of the bass and treble controls. The treble control is just like the bass control, being a push/pull. Pulling the treble control gives you more brightness.

The power and standby toggle switches are located on the front of the Shaw Audio SOS as is the power indicator light and 1/4” input. The back of the unit has a low impedance output for connecting to a sound mixer or recording console, and a high impedance output for connecting to a stage amp. The ground lift for the low impedance connection is also located on the back.

It didn’t take long for me to find my tone with the Shaw Audio S.O.S preamp, and then, it didn’t take long for me to find what I can now call, my other tones. Even just using the middle six-way rotary switch by itself made a noticeable and very likable difference.

It doesn’t matter if you have a budget priced bass or a high end priced one, this little 1U rack mount unit will make it sound better. Shaw Audio is all about tone and if you are too, then check out Shaw Audio.

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