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Review – Ultimate Ears Pro 11, Designed for Bass Players

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Review – Ultimate Ears Pro 11, Designed for Bass Players

Ultimate Ears Pro 11, Designed for Bass Players

Review – Ultimate Ears Pro 11, Designed for Bass Players…

We always forget how important it is to have great sound on and off stage as well as how valuable and irreplaceable are our ears. If we do not take care our most valuable tool as a musician – our hearing – we won’t be able to enjoy, as well as perform at our absolute best! Ultimate Ears, with its custom fit earplugs and in-ear monitors devices offers an amazing range of products designed specifically to treat our ears accurately. Ultimate Ears offers a range of products designed specifically for your ears, whether as noise cancellation, in-ear monitoring or all of the above.

I was recently introduced to ULTIMATE EARS and their Pro 11 custom in ear monitors, which are specifically designed for bass player!


As with any custom product, your comfort and fit quality will be determined by the quality of your ear impressions that are used to make your ear molds. Ultimate Ear Pro continues to innovate and simplify the experience of buying handcrafted custom in-ear monitors by using state-of-the- art 3D technology, as it now deploys UE 3D Ear Scanners worldwide to retailers and partners.  What was once a more time consuming series of steps, has now been reinvented. This journey started two years ago when the UE Pro team decided to blend its artisan-crafted techniques with digital processes, such as digitally detailing physical ear impressions and using 3D printing to build the shell of its custom monitors.


Like Most high-quality speaker systems operate on a three-way design, separating the highs, mids, and low frequencies into separate speakers specially designed to handle their respective frequencies. The advantages to such a design are quite simple: better detail, comprehensibility, understandability and greater dynamic range can be achieved by spreading the work out multiple drivers. UE 11 operate with this exact way, therefore we achieve a remarkably solid low-end, in contrast to its thick mid-range and detailed high end.


The finished monitors, which ship in a sturdy personalized aluminum case, arrived with a detachable 48” braided cable with sheathed memory wire at the earpieces (for wrapping up and over the ear) and a gold-plated right-angle r” plug. Once inserted into the ear, the earpieces sit comfortably, even for extended periods of time. With 26dB of passive ambient noise cancellation, wearing UE Pro 11 molds is a sensory-altering experience in itself. When the monitors begin to transmit sound, things get intense. The Pro 11s deliver with a clarity that allows you to hear details that are lost with lesser headphones.

Profound, Affluent Audio Reproduction!

A thick, powerful bass response sets these earphones apart from predecessors; the bass response feels almost as if there’s a perfectly tuned sub-woofer in your head.

The added mid-range driver adds a level of dimensionality vocals, guitars, and other mid-range heavy instruments stand out in a mix in a lifelike, three-dimensional way.

The high-end reproduction in the UE-11 is equally remarkable; way better than it’s competitor, Shure’s SE530. The UE-11 sound much more “animated” and “alive”. These two characteristics allow us to pay attention to details.

Compared to other custom monitor products, the UE-11 has a much wider sense of space, better mid-range detail, and most importantly a better bass response.

Included Accessories

Included with the Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro is a cleaning tool (very useful to keep your earphones working in top-notch condition) as well as a much-improved metal carrying case, compared to the earlier, smaller case.

Inside the case, there’s a smaller, more portable metal case, which the earphones themselves fit into.

It might sound that at $1,100, Ultimate Ears Pro 11 are somewhat of a self-indulgence luxury however, in my opinion, it is totally worth it. When viewed as a long-term investment in our most valuable asset—our ears— they are a completely justifiable expense. Simply put, whether on stage or on the subway, UE Pro 11s allow you to hear bass as it is meant to be heard: distinctly, lucidly and most important it will not hurt your ears!



11 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors

Street $1,150

Custom fit, fast and clear low end, ambient noise cancellation

More info:

  • Input sensitivity 119dB @ 1kHz, 1mW
  • Frequency response 5Hz–22kHz
  • Impedance 16? @ 1kHz
  • Internal speaker configuration
  • Noise isolation -26dB
  • Plug r”, gold plated
  • Warranty 1 year limited
  • Made In U.S.A.

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