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Tech 21 Boost Comp – Review

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Tech 21 Boost Comp – Review

Tech 21 Boost Comp Review

Tech 21 Boost Comp – Review… 

New from Tech 21 is the Boost Comp, a compressor that is one of the simplest to use. The pedal is based off of analog FET technology. Five controls make up the Boost Comp. Output level is adjusted with the level control. Tone, adjusted with the tone control, will cut or boost your tone 12dB after compression, keeping your tone clean. Compression control gives you a wide range of options from a soft knee type compression to sustain, that seems to last almost to infinity. The presence control boosts your tone before it hits the compressor in the 2-3kHz range. The boost control, while great for any scenario, is especially handy when soloing or having the need for parts to stand out, and can add up to 21dB that is clean. Note – the boost control does not change the sound or tone of how the effects are set for the compressor, it only boosts the output. There are two, foot switches, one for the compressor, and one for the boost control. There is one input and one output, and it can be powered by a 9volt battery or an adapter. Boost Comp can be used with both guitar and bass.

I have used the Boost Comp both in the studio and with live gigs. I cannot stress how easy this pedal is to use compared to some of the other compressors I have tried. I’ve been using this in clubs in Nashville, and when the soundman compliments you on what the pedal does and how easy it makes his job, you know you have a winner. Being friends with the sound guy makes your gig and night go a whole lot smoother. Dialing it in for what I needed was quick and easy, so much in fact, that I used it the entire night.

When the pedal is not engaged, it uses what is called buffered bypass instead of true bypass. Buffered bypass helps eliminate some of the faults with true bypass, such as signal loss and clicks. Unlike other pedals, if you are running on battery power, the LED will start to fade so that you are aware that the battery needs changing.

The Tech 21 Boost Comp comes complete with a metal tin for a carrying case and a one-year warranty.

Need a compressor? Check out the Tech 21 Boost Comp at a music retailer near you!

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