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Business Basics for Musicians: The Complete Handbook from Start to Success

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Business Basics for Musicians: The Complete Handbook from Start to Success

Hal Leonard Publishes Business Basics for Musicians

Hal Leonard Publishes Business Basics for Musicians

There has never been a greater need for musicians to understand the music business than now, when emerging technologies make it possible for artists to act as their own record labels, and new contracts are structured to grab the biggest slice of an artist’s revenue pie. But in a digital age overflowing with confusing and ever-changing information, musicians need trusted business advice from a veteran artist who can break down the basics in a language they understand.

Business Basics for Musicians is the layperson’s guide to the music industry, written by a professional musician for other musicians. In his book, Bobby Borg simplifies in a conversational tone five vital areas in which musicians need to succeed:

  • Career Execution
  • Business Relationships
  • Pro Teams
  • Deals and Dollars
  • and Future Predictions.

“Most musicians spend years developing their musical talent only to learn about the music business the hard way – one mistake at a time,” says Bobby Borg. “Musicians often leave business matters entirely in the hands of others. As a result, they are frequently taken advantage of, or they develop unrealistic expectations.”

The book not only covers legal aspects such as copyright and record contracts, it also shows to how to deal with the people involved along the way: band members, managers, attorneys, talent agents, and producers. Business Basics for Musicians will help musicians to faster navigate to success.

This Music Pro Guide has already received high praise in the music industry:

“In this day and age, it’s irresponsible for an artist to enter the music industry without having a grasp of the business. This book should be required reading for all industry neophytes.” – Steve Vai, internationally renowned guitarist            

“There are many books out there dealing with the music business, but Bobby’s book has a special and important perspective – that of the working musician.” – Mark Goldstein, former Senior Vice President of business affairs at Warner Bros. Records          

With interviews, anecdotes, and review quizzes, this guide will help artists master business essentials quickly so they can get back to doing what they love best – creating music.

Additionally, short marketing & business video tips are available on Bobby’s YouTube channel:

Business Basics for Musicians available online at

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