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Review – Igor Saavedra, Organic Bass 1

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Review – Igor Saavedra, Organic Bass 1

Review - Igor Saavedra, Organic Bass 1

Review – Igor Saavedra, Organic Bass 1

The Internet has made the world a smaller place! Thanks to the ability to span the globe in a keystroke, I had the good fortune to ‘virtually’ meet and interview Chilean bassist Igor Saavedra back in 2009.

Who could have imagined that this would be just the beginning of a wonderful friendship and long-term bond of collaboration in the realm of bass? Over the years, Igor has been a committed contributor to Bass Musician Magazine and the bass community; something I am sure he will continue with great resolve. We have followed his many achievements and activities around the world and have met in person many times at the winter NAMM shows. Ultimately, Igor was the cover interview for our sixth anniversary special Latin issue.

Recently, we had the great honor of having Igor visit us in the great North West and treat us to his music. It was at this visit that Igor personally delivered his recently released debut solo album, “Igor Saavedra, Organic Bass 1”. There is no greater gift then that of ones artistic creation and I am pleased to be able to review this culmination of much hard work, determination and deep affection.

Organic Bass 1” is a collection of Igor’s original music and select pieces from other great musicians. The music is entirely solo bass (Octavius, Igor’s eight-string) performed immaculately with no electronic enhancements, on a Phil Jones Double four amp. The tracks are set in a DVD format so you can watch the performance as well as listen to the music.

The elements of musical dynamics are achieved entirely with Igor’s hands. We had the great pleasure to experience this performance approach live. The music is uniquely flavored with the essence of Latin American rhythms and tempos. Woven in there are both familiar and brand new techniques that Igor is constantly developing. His approach makes the whole process an ever-evolving one, as he is in continual artistic growth. Igor expertly blends the percussive and melodic facets of his music and is a perfectionist dedicated to his craft.

In addition to the collection of superb musical performances, we are given insights into Igor’s life philosophy. These moments between each tune help the audience grasp the essence of the creative process behind these artistic gems, as the narrative guides the listener deeper into the message that he is communicating with each track.

It is a great challenge for a musician to convey thoughts, feelings and a transcending sentiment with his instrument alone, and this is where Igor truly excels! The vast range of the eight-string lends itself to reach the sublime high registers, while keeping the deep low groove pumping lifeblood through each bar of music. I was impressed with the huge impact that Igor’s performing had on his audience wherever he played, and I am looking forward to experiencing “Organic Bass 2” in the near future.

Discover for yourself how bass is evolving in the hands of a master. Give this album a listen!

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