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Review – Warwick Pro Series Corvette $$ 4-String Bass

Warwick Pro Series Corvette $$

Review – Warwick Pro Series Corvette $$ 4-String Bass

For a while there, the Warwick Pro Series line was discontinued, and now they are back! (Happy dance!!) One of the new basses in the line is the Warwick Pro Series Corvette $$ (Doublebuck) 4-String Bass. All of the basses that come from Warwick, from the RockBass series all the way to the Master Built series, are well built basses meant to last and perform great for many years. The Pro Series line is built in Germany, just as the Master Built basses are. Warwick strives to put customers first to give them the best product they can.

Warwick Pro Series Corvette $$ 4-String Bass-2I used the Warwick Pro Series Corvette $$ 4-String Bass recently on a rock gig, with a little bit of country thrown in. Using the bass for four hours straight was fun and easy. It was like the bass melded with me and just became an extension of myself. The bass is very comfortable to play for long periods of time, and if you know about Nashville gigs, a lot of them you play four hours straight with no breaks, then head to the next four hour gig down the street, with, again no breaks. I’m not complaining about having no breaks as I actually like playing straight through as opposed to just pretty much doing nothing for 15-20 minutes in between sets, only trying to make a point of how this bass makes it easier to do that. This bass, with the comfort it gives while playing, doesn’t over-exert your hands and the weight is just right so that it doesn’t leave you with a sore back after gigging all day. Tone wise, it gives you everything you need, and then some. It is not only great for live playing, it’s a workhorse in the studio as well and fits into any genre of music.

The Warwick Pro Series Corvette $$ 4-String Bass has a US swamp ash body with and a 34″ bolt-on ovangkol neck with a 24 fret wenge fingerboard complete with jumbo frets. The electronics are made up of two passive MEC MM Humbuckers with active MEC 2 way electronics with the pickups adjusted to be 2mm below each string at the highest fret. Controls are volume, balance, treble, and bass. There are two 3-way toggle switches, one for each pickup. The toggle switches allow you to configure the pickups as in series, parallel, or single coil selections. The hardware consists of the Warwick angled machine heads, the just-a-nut III which allows you to adjust the nut with an allen wrench, Warwick security locks, which work with the Dunlop strap locks, and the two piece Warwick bridge.

The feature of having the ‘just-a-nut III’ is great for string adjustment without having to replace the nut. The two piece Warwick bridge doesn’t have any “air” between it and the body, allowing you to get the full resonance of the strings and body combined. Going back to the electronics, with the features listed, there are endless possibilities of pickup and tone configurations not commonly found in many basses. It comes with the Starline RockBag, which is well padded and has enough pockets for tuners, charts, cables, tablets, and more. Also provided are the allen wrenches for adjustments.

Warwick strives to give you the best, so that you can give your best to the audience. Check out the Warwick Pro Series Corvette $$ 4-String Bass and the other fine Warwick products at a music retailer near you!

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