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CD Review: Godsticks – Emergence

Godsticks - Emergence

CD Review: Godsticks – Emergence

Godsticks, a three-piece band originating from South Wales, U.K., is a very energetic and creative group of musicians. Godsticks is Darran Charles on vocals, guitars, and keyboards, Dan Nelson on bass, and Gavin Bushell on guitar.

Their third and latest full length release “Emergence” is chock full of heavy hitting tunes with odd-meter time signatures, catchy riffs/hooks, and great vocals and harmonies melding seamlessly with the music. Godsticks “Emergence” is putting faith back in good rock and roll. With traces of King Crimson influence, “Emergence” is heavy and good, keeping you interested in what is coming next. Take a listen to Godsticks latest release “Emergence,” as this is one of the most creative newer progressive rock bands that I have come across in quite some time.

Check out Godsticks website for videos and more,, with the CD available for purchase from their website, Amazon or available via iTunes.

Godsticks “Emergene” Track Listing:

  1. Below the Belt
  2. Ruin
  3. Much Sinister
  4. Exit Stage Right
  5. All That Remains
  6. Hopeless Situation
  7. One Percent
  8. Emergence
  9. Leave or be Left
  10. Lack of Scrutiny
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