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Review – Ibanez VOLO BTB33 5-String Bass

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Review – Ibanez VOLO BTB33 5-String Bass

Review - Ibanez VOLO BTB33 5-String Bass

Review – Ibanez VOLO BTB33 5-String Bass

One of the latest entries from the Ibanez Bass Workshop is the BTB33 5-string bass, also known as the BTB VOLO. This is not your typical 5-string, as this is tuned E, A, D, G, and C, getting you to the edges of the baritone range. Adjustment from a 5-string 35” to 33” neck was an unnoticeable transition. I think the main thing that most of the 5-string players need to remember is the tuning as compared to a traditional 5-string.

There is a ramp between the pickups, and slap/pop styles are welcome as there is enough space between the neck pickup and the fretboard. The tuning gives more clarity when doing chords, which makes this even more enjoyable to play.

While the BTB VOLO is suitable for any gig and genre of music, I think it would really stand out for jazz players that like to do chordal accompaniment and soloing.

The bass is neck-through constructed of a mahogany body with an ash top, which is very eye-catching. The neck is 5 piece maple and bubinga, complete with a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard consisting of medium frets. Electronics are passive Bartolini BH1 pickups for neck and bridge, paired with an Ibanez custom 3-band EQ powered by a 9volt, that also has a mid frequency switch to go between 250Hz, 450Hz, and 700Hz. Controls are volume, balance, bass, mid and treble. The jack is the Neutrik locking output jack, which I have grown very fond of, no more stepping on chords and getting disconnected.

Check out the Ibanez VOLO BTB33 5-String Bass at an Ibanez music retailer near you!

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